Club Rules


1.1 The club shall be known as The Chelmsford Bunker. Meetings will be held at the Essex Police Sports and Social Club, St Margaret’s Road, Chelmsford.
1.2 The purpose of the club is to provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting, and gaming with wargames miniatures and playing various tabletop wargames, card games and board games.


2.1 Membership of the club is gained upon receipt of £5 annual fee, and fees for each meeting will be a further £3. Club meetings are open to all. If a club member or guest attends a meeting without playing a game, then there is no fee.
2.2 A record of attendance will be kept in a register.
2.3 Members must be over 16 years of age. Anyone under this age may attend as long as they are supervised at all times by a family member or guardian who is a club member. Club signatories must be over 18 years of age.
2.4 The assets of the club (gaming equipment, cash in hand and in the bank) belong to all the current members. Should the club cease to meet and a majority of the Membership agree in a vote to dissolve the Chelmsford Bunker, these assets will be distributed to all those members as evenly as possible. Current members at this time will be those who have attended the club for more than half the meetings in the last 6 months. Club official’s significant decisions regarding this will be ratified by a majority vote of the club members at any meeting or in an online vote on the Chelmsford Bunker forums.
2.5 Those who represent the club at events and do not already own one will be provided with a club T-shirt, which will be replaced once if required through loss or damage at said event, at club expense. Any requirements for club T-shirts which fall outside of this will be at the members’ own cost. This includes if a club member were to purchase a shirt prior an event and then represent a club at later date – there will be no reimbursements for such instances.


3.1 Club officials (the Committee) may make the decisions on a day to day basis for expenditure of up to £250. The exception to this being the block booking of the venue, which may exceed this sum.
3.2 Officials will be appointed at the AGM; nominations should be posted 28 days before the AGM.
3.3 At least two members of the Committee must approve a non-Committee member’s petition to stand for Committee Nomination.
3.4 The Committee may co-opt any member to any vacant position on the Committee as deemed necessary.
3.5 A minimum of two officials will be present at each club meeting; where this is not possible one official will ensure that at least one other suitable adult is present.
3.6 Meetings will not be permitted where only one official is present without another suitable adult present.


4.1 Club funds will be administered through a bank or building society account which is designed for this purpose.
4.2 There will be three signatories to the club bank account, one of whom will be the club treasurer. Any two signatories must sign club cheques and make cash withdrawals.
4.3 The treasurer will keep a record of transactions on club funds, showing all credits and debits, and the current balance. The records will be available for inspection by any club member.
4.4 A receipt will be obtained for all club expenditure checked by the treasurer and retained for audit purposes. If the treasurer commits expenditure then the receipt will be checked by a different signatory.
4.5 The club year will run from 1st January to 31st December each year. At the end of the year if deemed required a suitably qualified independent person will inspect the financial records.
4.6 Public liability insurance will be the clubs highest priority purchase; sufficient funds will be set aside for that purpose annually.


5.1 Significant decisions regarding the club, including significant alteration to the club rules, will be made by a majority current members’ vote at any normal club meeting. Non-specific decisions regarding day by day running of the club and booking of additional meetings may be made by the Committee, following a majority vote.
5.2 The club President will keep a record of significant decisions taken at meetings. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.
5.3 Only current members may vote.
5.4 There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss the general direction of the club, and plan forthcoming events.
5.5 Club decisions may be made by the Membership via online voting on the Chelmsford Bunker forums, if agreed by majority Committee vote.


6.1 A copy of the club rules will be available on request at any meeting and will be published on the club website.
6.2 Club members and visiting non-members will at all times adhere to the following standards of behaviour, this will also include behaviour on the clubs website and forum, and any event that the club is represented by its members.
(a) There will be no verbal or physical abuse of any other member or visiting non-member.
(b) There will be no discrimination of any kind by any other member or visiting non-member towards any other persons at the meeting.
(c) No member under the age of 17 years will be left unattended by less than two adults over the age of 18 years, at any time.
(d) When attending shows and events outside of the Chelmsford Bunker, members are expected to conduct themselves as members of the Chelmsford Bunker and act and behave accordingly.
(e) Issues of conduct will be dealt with by the officials in the following manner.
(i) For minor first offence, a verbal warning will be given by one of the attending officials.
(ii) For a serious offence or repeated offence, the two attending officials may revoke Membership, or ask the member or visiting non-member to leave. A note will be made in the register to record any such actions/incidents.
(iii) For any other serious offence the attending two officials may place a ban on the individual. A note will be made in the Membership register to record the incident.
(iv) Any occurrences of a criminal offence will be referred to the Police immediately.
(f) The venue the Chelmsford Bunker hires from the Essex Police Sports Association (EPSA) has it’s own rules and requirements. Club members will adhere to the following EPSA rules whilst on their premises. Failure to follow these requirements could jeopardise the Chelmsford Bunker’s use of the venue.
(i) No trading on the premises.
(ii) No drinks apart from tea/coffee/water should be consumed on the premises while the bar is open.
(iii) The main hall is the only part of the venue that the Chelmsford Bunker Membership has hired. Do not play football on the ground outside the venue.
(iv) The upper bar should only be used for playing games at the express permission of the bar staff.
(v) No post/parcels should be arranged to be sent to the venue address. These are police owned premises and should not be used as a mailing address.
(vi) No smoking in front of the venue. There is a smoking area at the rear.
6.3 Following any incident of a ban to an individual, the club will not allow entry of the person to a meeting until a full majority vote overturns the censure. This will only be taken to the Membership if two or more officials endorse the re-instatement.

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