Club Games

We play a wide variety of tabletop games and wargames at the Chelmsford Bunker. We have players who travel from all over Essex and at any given meeting you’re most likely to see them playing one of the following.

Warhammer 40,000

We have a few players who actively player Warhammer 40,000 especially since Games Workshop released Kill Team in 2016. We actively keep an eye on the new releases with members investing in Genestealer Cult armies and Thousand Suns armies. We have a range of players, some who prefer a more competitive game and attend tournaments, while others prefer something more relaxed, sticking to gentlemen’s and house rules.

There has even been recent chatter that some members may be getting involved with Warhammer 30,000, with one of the committee members teasing pictures of newly painted Ultramarines.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

There was a swell of new players into Age of Sigmar after the release of the General Handbook, so if you’re interested in Games Workshop’s successor to Warhammer Fantasy Battle then you won’t struggle for a game. One of our members ran a very successful league for Age of Sigmar while others have been discussing a more narrative campaign. We see a range of armies, from Stormcast Eternals through Sylvaneth, to Daemons, Flesh Eater Courts, and all manner of Orruks.

We also have several members who own the Silver Tower boxed set so if adventuring in a dungeon is your thing then you’ll often find people willing.

Blood Bowl

There’s long been a core group of die-hard Blood Bowl players at the Bunker, with many being long-standing NAF members. We run regular leagues and tournaments which are popular throughout the Blood Bowl community. With the re-release of the Blood Bowl boxed set by Games Workshop we’re hoping that there’ll be even more interest and new blood introduced to give the old hands a run for their money.

Warmachine & Hordes

We’ve two Privateer Press Gangers among our members and a dedicated core of players who travel out and around the country to Warmachine and Hordes tournaments and conventions, meeting up with other players and competing at the highest levels.

We also run regular Journeyman Leagues as an introduction for new players, keeping the game new and fresh, helping to introduce them to the core concepts and tactics in the game. We have a good spread of both Warmachine and Hordes factions with many players owning several armies, be it Cryx, Cygnar, Trolls, Circle, or even Convergence of Cyriss.

Guild Ball

Guild Ball has burst on to the scene at the Chelmsford Bunker as much as it has across the world. We’ve a dedicated group of players who love nothing more than sitting down and playing out game after game of Guild Ball.

As with the Warmachine players, many of the Guild Ball coaches head out to tournaments and conventions across the country, competing at various levels with their favourite teams. Guild Ball is going from strength-to-strength at the moment and it looks set to continue if our players are anything to go by.


X-Wing has been a regular feature at the Chelmsford Bunker since its release, and it’s gone from strength to strength with every new release. We now have a thriving community of X-Wing players who also attend tournaments as teams and will play competitively or casually depending on what kind of game they’re looking for.

Regardless of your skill level or how many ships you have you will always find a fun game of X-Wing at the Bunker.

Star Wars Armada

Although sometimes accused of being less popular in comparison to X-Wing, the Star Wars Armada players at the Bunker are fiercely loyal to Armada and are always on the look-out for more games. There are even plans to run a Star Wars Armada campaign in 2017.

Team Yankee

Battlefront’s latest tabletop game, Team Yankee, has a small but growing following at the Bunker. So far all factions are represented by at least one player. Some of the Team Yankee players are also avid collectors who own vast armies!

If you are interested in playing Team Yankee then please head on over to the Facebook Group where you can organise a demo game or a full-on WW3 match up.

Other Games

These aren’t the only games played at the Bunker, just the most popular. We’ve also go a strong contingent of Warmaster players if you prefer the grand sweeping look of a 10mm army. There are Malifaux players, Marvel Universe players, people playing Kings of War, SAGA, and Flames of War. Members of the Chelmsford Bunker also love a dead games system so you can even find players for Warhammer Quest, Confrontation, Uncharted Seas, and even Babylon 5. If you have a game and it’s out of print, chances are someone at the Bunker will either have it or want to get it and play it with you!


If this sounds like your kind of thing then head on over to our Facebook Group and introduce yourself. We love to see new players so come on down and meet us on any Wednesday 6:30pm – 10:30pm we’ll be happy to say hello.

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