Club Games

We play a wide variety of tabletop games and wargames at the Chelmsford Bunker. We have players who travel from all over Essex and at any given meeting you’re most likely to see them playing one of the following.

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 is one of the most consistently popular games played at the Bunker. We have a range of players playing different sized games, some who prefer a more competitive game and attend tournaments, while others prefer something more relaxed.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

While not as frequently seen as 40K, Age of Sigmar has a few dedicated players at the Bunker. We’re always looking for people to champion games and encourage others to get involved.

Blood Bowl

There’s long been a core group of die-hard Blood Bowl players at the Bunker, with many being long-standing NAF members. The Bunker has a long history of running leagues and tournaments which are popular throughout the Blood Bowl community.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

We have a number of regular players of Marvel Crisis Protocol, playing a wide range of different rosters. You’ll usually find a more thematic game of MCP played at the Bunker, especially when a new film or team lineup drops.


X-Wing has been a regular feature at the Chelmsford Bunker since its release, and it’s gone from strength to strength with every new release. We now have a thriving community of X-Wing players who also attend tournaments as teams and will play competitively or casually depending on what kind of game they’re looking for.

Other Games

These aren’t the only games played at the Bunker, just some of the most popular. We’ve also got a strong contingent of Warmaster players if you prefer the grand sweeping look of a 10mm army. There are Bolt Action players, Star Wars Legion players, and people playing A Song of Ice and Fire, Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, and Flames of War.

Members of the Chelmsford Bunker also love a dead games system so you can even find players for Warhammer Quest, Confrontation, Uncharted Seas, Guild Ball, and even Babylon 5. If you have a game and it’s out of print, chances are someone at the Bunker will either have it or want to get it and play it with you!

If this sounds like your kind of thing then head on over to our Facebook Group and introduce yourself. We love to see new players so come on down and meet us on any Wednesday 6:30pm – 10:00pm we’ll be happy to say hello.

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